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Impacts of climate change: still an abstract threat for the French

Le point sur n° 213 - October 2015

Amongst the different environmental issues, climate change is the main concern of the French.
However, the risk is difficult to apprehend in concrete terms. When asked about the possible consequences of climate change for them, a quarter of the French had no idea of potential impacts. Furthermore, 15% thought there would be no negative effect at their level. Extreme weather events and climate-change induced health problems are the main fears spontaneously cited in the survey, followed by territorial impacts and deterioration of living conditions. Nonetheless, more than half of the spontaneous responses remain impersonal, mainly focus on the global impacts of this phenomenon. This distant, or even abstract, relationship some French people have with this issue appears to be linked partially to the respondent's educational level and age.

Mis à jour le 23/11/2015

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