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The different GHG inventory formats

In France, several inventory formats coexist. The international reference is the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) GHG inventory format. It is the official document communicated by States as part of their international political commitments to tackle climate change. The inventory in Secten format (economic sectors and energy) was developed by Citepa at the request of the French Ministry in charge of climate change, to provide more accessible information. The Secten format is used to define and assess national public climate policies, in particular the national low-carbon strategy (SNBC).

Comparison of UNFCCC and Secten inventories

Scope: Kyoto perimeter (metropolitan France and EU overseas territories).
Sources: Citepa, 2023 - inventory in Secten format and CRF-FRK tables (UNFCCC)

Although equivalent in terms of total mass, the UNFCCC and Secten inventories present a slightly different breakdown of emissions by sector. The UNFCCC inventory format relates emissions strictly to the activity from which they originate (e.g.: emissions linked to the use of air conditioning in road vehicles come from the"industrial processes" source; emissions from agricultural machinery are inventoried in the "energy" category). The Secten inventory format favors sectoral consistency (e.g. vehicle air-conditioning emissions are assigned to"transport"; agricultural machinery emissions are assigned to the"agriculture" sector).